Shot With A Beam

I saw a device in the corner of the room. It was very dark and my vision wasn’t that clear. Someone offered to turn on the device for me, and shoot me with it. I accepted the offer.

Descent Into Dreaming

I floated towards the door, and my vision was becoming more clear. I looked down at my feet, and saw myself floating about a foot off the ground, as I glided down the hallway.

Geiger Counter Results #3

I pivoted myself up in bed, then pivoted back down towards the Geiger counter. My vision was black. I felt the rim of the sensor, and started hammering away at it.

Geiger Counter Results #2

From 6:47am-7:20am, I got out multiple times and made my way over to the Geiger counter. One time in particular, I was pushing my entire non-physical arm through the sensor, over and over. I wasn't holding back!


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