What Is The Soul?

In a previous post, I outlined what I feel is the most compelling evidence that the soul doesn't exist. Now, let's back up and explore the idea of the soul from a different perspective. If we did have a soul, how could it operate, and still be consistent with the facts we see?

Evidence Against the Soul

Given that I regularly have out of body experiences, it would make sense that I believe in a soul. Reality is more complicated than that though. It’s important to study the facts, even if they’re contradictory and don’t paint a clear picture.

Are we trapped in a Prison Planet?

There is an hypothesis in UFO lore that we are souls trapped on Earth, in a cycle of reincarnation, against our will. This is called the Prison Planet hypothesis. Can I find anything in my own life that bears a resemblance to the Prison Planet?

What if higher intelligent beings exist?

I don’t have proof that higher intelligent beings exist, but I think it’s an interesting thought experiment, which even the most ardent skeptic must address due to the advances in AI. How will the world look when we are no longer #1?


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