Back in 2006, when I was obsessed with the paranormal, some friends in the community told me that they were able to influence a Geiger counter using their mind.

I immediately went out and bought one.

One experience really stood out, where a friend was trying to influence it over the Internet. I impulsively tranced out at the same time, and the graph spiked. Here is a screenshot from 2006, when that happened:

Years later, I moved on, and stopped participating in the paranormal community. But I always thought about the Geiger counter experience.

Now that me and my wife are practicing having out of body experiences together, I thought it would be cool to see if I could influence a Geiger counter while out of body. I don't remember ever trying that.

So I bought a PRM-9000 Geiger counter and a cheap laptop!

I just got it setup in my bedroom today:

Our dog, patiently waiting for me to influence my Geiger counter
Logging clicks from the Geiger counter

The sensor is behind the mesh circle. Geiger counters detect alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, and X-rays. I bought what's known as a pancake sensor, which is extra sensitive. Any time a particle enters the window, a click is registered on the computer.

There is still some more testing I need to do before I'm ready, like recording a baseline measurement, but I'm really excited to resume this experiment from so long ago!

I will keep you posted!