Cosmic Waves
Surfing the mysteries of reality: lucid dreams, out of body experiences, non-human intelligence, and the strange world around us.

Direct Knowing

If I were to talk about my Bufo trip to my younger self, he would be immediately skeptical. Especially since I find myself using the same words as other people who have used psychedelics: love, oneness, ego death, gratitude, and crying – lots of crying.

From Dream to Out of Body

I go into a corner office, and think about what to do. Since I’m imagining a video game, I know that zombies will appear soon. Instead, I decide to try and leave the dream, and get out of body.

Shot With A Beam

I saw a device in the corner of the room. It was very dark and my vision wasn’t that clear. Someone offered to turn on the device for me, and shoot me with it. I accepted the offer.

Embracing the Vibrations

Looking around, I realized I wasn’t in my bathroom – I was in a different bathroom. It was like a bizarro bathroom. The aesthetic was different. It reminded me of the culture shock you experience when visiting a foreign country. The subtle details are different from what you’re used to.


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